Gravesite of the Dead Girl

As a paranormal investigator, I have witnessed many things; ghosts, orbs streaking across a room, shadow figures peeking around corners at the witching hour, stalks of freezing cold air on a muggy evening but nothing would prepare me for the gravesite of the dead girl. The Ghost Seekers, of which I am a member, had decided to further investigate the tragic death of a teenage girl. She was sixteen when she was strangled, raped and left dead in the woods. She was petite, with long blonde hair and eyes so blue it would make a husky blush. The boys swooned at her beauty yet a murderer had taken her life, her looks and dreams from our realm. We had gone to the site of the murder by the fallen stone hut that was next to a babbling brook. It had been a place where kids drank beer, smoked grass, drew pentagrams and played Blue Oyster Cult till the sun peeked over the horizon. At that time we had brought along a world-renouned psychic. The medium tried to channel the spirit of the dead teen yet was blocked by an evil entity. I have the picture of the malignant ectoplasm demon to prove this happened and is 1000% true. We had decided to go around the evil spirit blocker of the light and go to the dead girl’s grave. It was a dark weeknight evening when we drove up the steep hill to the cemetery and through the path of crooked and moss-stained headstones to the place in the back where the newer dead resided. Where she was buried. Her eternal spot. The next hour was emotional and scary yet we sallied forth us vigilant ghost seekers along with our psychic. We planted flowers in the dark while saying prayers to her spirit. We asked the dark energy to stay away while asking the pure spirit energy to reveal itself. At this time low-flying clouds and mist hit across the cemetery hill with a wind that would fly Dorothy’s house. We knew our digital recorders would be spoiled by the wind noise but we went on with our afterworldly queries to the girl. Her energy would light up a flashlight and she would answer our questions as we tried to solve the mystery of the girl who had been murdered. To this day, decades later after she was murdered and raped, her killer has not been found. Digital pictures would show an array of orbs along with blue, red and blue light paranormal streaks but the chill bone moment was the ectoplasm smear coming out of the grave and going across the front of her gravestone, smudging out her name. I cannot reveal any more as this story has not concluded as there will be a seance. Yes, that’s correct: a seance. We will have the psychic there with her crystals, sacred stones and our colored candles. This will be as authentic as any you have seen in a televised drama. This will happen in January and the results will be posted here.

by Dennis Webster

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