The Witch and the Borscht Pearl

“A great read! It captures the flavor and the feeling of the Catskills mountains, and in addition to which, a highly entertaining book!”
–Freddie Roman, comedian and current Dean of the Friar’s Club

“The book held my interest to the very last moment, with quite a few chuckles along the way. I predict a demand for more! Warmest regards to that very smart Mrs. Risk . . . oh, yes, Rachel, too.”
–Mrs. Helen Kutsher, owner of Kutsher’s Country Club in Monticello,
New York

“Rachel rather reminds me of the Demi Moore character in The Butcher’s Wife and the story has much of the same whimsical air.
“Rachel is a delightful Watson to the unpredictable Mrs. Risk who matches Holmes’ deductions with her semi-magical insights.”
—Cathleen Jordan, Editor-In-Chief


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Angela Zeman’s book,The Witch and the Borscht Pearl: A Mrs. Risk Mystery Novel, offers an engaging twist on the Watson and Holmes-style sleuthing duo: Mrs. Risk and her young sidekick, Rachel.
Publishers Weekly

If you want a great new murder mystery novelist, think Angela Zeman. If you want a refreshing new book, think The Witch and the Borscht Pearl. Mrs. Risk and Rachel are the most hilarious team I’ve met.
Book Review Cafe

Dorothy Cannell fans rejoice! Angela Zeman writes a witty and often times-humorous mystery that has enough twists and turns to baffle a maze builder.

5 Stars. –Margaret Marr,
Amazing Authors Showcase

Rachel is our everyman in this series. Rachel is funny, ambitious, smart, and passionate–a wonderful foil for Mrs. Risk’s unsinkable, calm intellect. The mystery was very well done–I had a hard time figuring out who was the guilty one, and watching Mrs. Risk and Rachel at work was a lot of fun. Angela Zeman has set this up as a series, although this book is completely stand-alone. I look forward to the further adventures of Mrs. Risk and Rachel.

Cindy Lynn Speer,

Ms. Zeman describes her mysteries as “cozy,” and that seems apt to this reader.The Witch and the Borscht Pearldoesn’t have horror or sex to hang the tale by; instead, it has an intricate puzzle and a cast of very human, sympathetic, and not-so-sympathetic people. Well written, The Witch and the Borscht Pearl is certain to provide several entertaining hours.

–Jane Bowers,
Romance Reviews Today

You will find yourself unwilling to put the story aside until you learn who is the killer. A very enjoyable read that I recommend highly. What will Mrs. Risk do next?

Anne K. Edwards, author of Death Comes Knocking,
eBook Reviews Weekly

The heyday of the great hotels in the Catskills, where working class Jewish families would go to spend a week out of the city, probably lasted only a generation or so, from the late 1940s until about 1960, but it produced some of our greatest performers…Sam Levenson, Red Buttons, Milton Berle, Alan King, Mel Brooks, and even Woody Allen.The Witch and the Borscht Pearl is an ode to that memory.

–Barbara Franchi,

Sometimes I forgot this story took place in contemporary times as the language and style of Ms. Zeman evoke writing from an earlier era. For those seeking a mystery that is cozy yet smart,The Witch and the Borscht Pearlmight be what they’re looking for.

–Susan McBride,

Zeman has written an intricate puzzle, constructing a vivid, imaginative world for the reader.

Marianna Heusler,
author of The Night the Penningtons Vanished

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Edited by Robert J. Randisi
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Ira Berkowitz, Michael Bracken, William E. Chambers, Reed Farrell Coleman, Max Allan Collins, Parnell Hall, Robert Levinson, John Lutz, Christine Matthews, Maan Meyers, Warren Murphy, Mel Odom, Brad Parks, Gary Phillips, Joe Pittman, Robert J. Randisi, Eileen Dreyer, Wallace Stroby, Kenneth Wishnia, Angela Zeman

Adirondack 1
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Adirondack Mysteries vol. 1
edited by Dennis Webster
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Tales of the Witch

The Collected Mrs. Risk (the Witch) Short Stories

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Angela Zeman’s story featured in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.