About Angela Zeman

Angela Zeman writes fiction spanning from cozy to noir, and frankly, anything else that attracts her interest. Gary Provost, her late mentor, was forced to explain to Angela that a desire to write ‘everything’ (a drive he shared) was the reason she never settled into a “normal” (read ‘lucrative’) career like most writers who stick with one character or one subject. Angela decided she didn’t care. Lately she’s become attracted to horror. Maybe a bit of sci-fi.

The late Cathleen Jordan, Editor-in-Chief of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, purchased her first story (featuring Mrs. Risk) via phone call. A moment Angela will never forget. After publishing a handful of stories about that same character (plus ensemble—her favorite style), her agent informed her it was time to write a Mrs. Risk novel. So she wrote THE WITCH AND THE BORSCHT PEARL, published by Pendulum Press in trade paperback. Unusually for a paperback, trade or otherwise, that original book is now a collector’s item. Otto Penzler has recently issued a second edition of that book, available in every ebook format at Mysterious Press and Amazon. Otto also collected the Mrs. Risk short stories in a new collection, as a companion book (also available from Mysterious Press). Angela continually publishes short stories, and is currently at work on a suspense novel.

Visit Mystery Writers to learn about Angela Zeman’s achievements in the mystery field. Amazon also maintains her author page listing various short story series and where they can be found. Also visit Goodreads to see her books in a list.

Angela worked at many occupations in her life…gemologist, tailor, advertising, martial artist, grandmother…but as any writer will tell you…a writer is above all a writer. It is what it is. Can’t do a thing about it.

About Risk AZ ART

RISK AZ ART…truly a redundancy, putting RISK next to AZART. Why? With this explanation, maybe you’ll understand and be tempted to take a look. AZART is not a word used anymore, but in history, it surfaced among the Moors, to whom AZHAR meant risking instant loss in a gamble. As years passed, AZART developed around the globe into words such as: FATE, CHANCE, OPPORTUNITY, VENTURE, DANGER, and also… RISK.

RISK AZ ART Magazine? The word “magazine” implies varied contents, and we hope that’s what you find. We invite writers, readers, and artists to enter this forum of RISK. Explore the ART of words, and experience words from ART. ART from A to Z. Pure entertainment. Maybe… with a bit of passion.