The Haunted Fire Station

I went on a ghost investigation the other night at a small town volunteer fire station. This is a place where the people work hard, live hard and smile easily over a smoke and a can of beer. A small town where Tom Brady could throw a football from one border to another. Places like this have fire departments that are run by hard-working and honest volunteers. The kind of people who tell the truth and are proud to carry their lunch pails to their blue collar jobs. The ghost seeking group felt this could be great as these large brave men with thick beards and large biceps are not afraid to run into burning buildings yet spirits walking the fire station caused them to run from the building in fear. We discovered that a long time ago a pub had been where the station now resided. It had been crumpled into the cellar and had dirt piled over the remains. The gin mill had been the host of a grisly murder and now a fire station had been built on its hallowed ground. The investigation was filled with sightings of a shadow person strolling through the garage, in between the fire engines. I was taking pictures and captured a dark entity looming over one of the female paranormal investigators. I also captured a malignant face in ectoplasm after the same woman. The freakiest thing occurred when I was in the second floor store room at 2 in the morning. The fire fighters had claimed that the gambling wheel, that they used for casino nights, and was in this storage room, would turn all by itself. We had a night vision video camera fixated on this wheel all night yet nothing happened until I arrived in that squid ink storage room. I had sat down with 2 other investigators to conduct an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session when I spoke aloud to the spirits. I said, “It would be nice if you came out to play. Turn the wheel. Show us.” When I was finished, the wheel suddenly clinked and moved. I was so shocked I could hardly believe it. This is what I tell non-believers and skeptics. When you least expect it, the paranormal will happen to you. Why wouldn’t there be ghosts? If you believe in heaven, an afterlife or reincarnation, why wouldn’t you believe in ghosts? Our souls are residing in our flesh husks waiting to be released. So watch out the next time you leave a wheel sitting around. A ghostly hand just might pierce the veil of our solid dimension and give it a whirl.

by Dennis Webster

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