Who’s Da Man?

I’m ok admitting that I am a mediocre writer. I love to read and I love to write and I’ve been doing it for well over a decade. I think I have written over 1 million hum drum words and a gazzilion letters. When I read a genius writer, I am in awe, and one of these greats has to be Edgar Allen Poe. Well, I recently traveled to Baltimore, and made a trip to the home and grave site of the one true classic American author. I never knew that he had a raven engraved into the top of his tombstone. It’s in the courtyard of an old church in the middle of Baltimore. It’s sad to see Poe’s home with no front steps and although its supposedly a landmark, it was closed. This little brick two story structure is holy ground for all writers and its a shame to see it the way it sits. I felt a little chill as I posed next to Poe’s grave and wondered if the man’s spirit was resting in peace. A spiritual serenity¬†that he did not achieve in life on this mortal plane. Here’s to you, Edgar. You da man!!!

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