The Scene of the Crime

Tonight is the night where my I will be returning to the scene of a murder to conduct a paranormal investigation. I’m a paranormal investigator with the Ghost Seekers of Central New York and we go into many haunted houses and historical haunted battlefields amongs many dark places yet none compared to be walking on the hallowed ground where a beautiful sixteen year old girl was strangled to death. We did an intitial investigation a year ago and it was a frightening experience. It was past midnight in the middle of the woods and you couldn’t see six inches in the ink black darkness. We were conducting an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session and we could clearly hear spirits mumbling nearby. I quickly shined my flashlight where the voices were coming from and there was no mortal person there. After the investigation I was reviewing my digital photos and there was an ectoplasm streak in one that had the spelling of a name. At the time I wondered if this was the spirit of the dead girl reaching out from the grave and telling me who her killer was. Needless to say I did not want to go back but here I am packing my ghost gear to hit the woods tonight. The big difference is tonight we are bringing one of the best psychics in NYS. It will be interesting to see what she channels from the other side.

by Dennis Webster

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