It’s Chilly in Here

When you conduct paranormal investigations you never know what evidence you might be collecting until you go back days later to review everything. If you watch a show like Ghost Hunters on the SyFy channel, you will see them sitting at computers with headphones on going through the evidence. What you don’t realize is that the process is long hours and boring with hardly few payoffs. But when you get something amazing it’s worth the effort. Like I said in a previous post, the ghost seekers went to a fire station and we had some amazing things happen that night, shadow people, dark entities looming in pictures, malignant ectoplasm faces but none of this was quite as wild or exciting as the amazing EVP we picked up. EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. We use highly sensitive digital recorders and go into a dark room at midnight and ask the spirits questions. Sometimes we get answers but not while the session is occurring. When going back over the evidence, suddenly you have a ghost voice. This particular EVP was incredible as it was clear and not of the voice of the investigators. We were in the back unheated hall at the fire station and clear as a bell you can hear a voice on our recorder saying, “It’s chilly in here.” When I heard this for the first time, the hairs on my arms raised. Cool Beans, Baby!!

PREVIEW: Do you know what a seance is? Picture sitting at a table, candles lit, crystal ball, people holding hands with a psychic asking for interation from the spiritual dimension. Will the dead answer? I will let you know in a few weeks after I attend a seance. We have a world-renouned psychic there to lead the ceremonies. Just keep the Oija board at home please.


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Who’s Da Man?

I’m ok admitting that I am a mediocre writer. I love to read and I love to write and I’ve been doing it for well over a decade. I think I have written over 1 million hum drum words and a gazzilion letters. When I read a genius writer, I am in awe, and one of these greats has to be Edgar Allen Poe. Well, I recently traveled to Baltimore, and made a trip to the home and grave site of the one true classic American author. I never knew that he had a raven engraved into the top of his tombstone. It’s in the courtyard of an old church in the middle of Baltimore. It’s sad to see Poe’s home with no front steps and although its supposedly a landmark, it was closed. This little brick two story structure is holy ground for all writers and its a shame to see it the way it sits. I felt a little chill as I posed next to Poe’s grave and wondered if the man’s spirit was resting in peace. A spiritual serenity¬†that he did not achieve in life on this mortal plane. Here’s to you, Edgar. You da man!!!

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The Face in the Picture

I went on a ghost investigation at the sight of an unsolved murder of a teenage girl. I went along with another paranormal investigator and a highly-regarded psychic – medium. It was past midnight and we had to trek through thick woods and bramble in an area of upstate New York. The weather was cold and you could see the puffs of breath as we got close to the riverbank where the victim’s sneaker had been located. Polica authorities had found her body miles away but from a tip knew the wood location was the spot of her brutal rape and murder. So we came with just a digital camera and a hand held digital recorder. We spread out a blanket on the cold sod and sat together as my fellow paranormal investigaor burned sage to cleanse the area while the psychic used protection stones and crystals to ward off evil spirits. We lit tea candles, held hands and prayed for protection. It only took a few minutes of channeling before the psychic claimed there was an evil presence right behind her lurking in the dark woods. My fellow investigator snapped a picture and what we saw the next day made the hair on my neck stand up. Right behind the psychic, in the picture, there’s a full body ectoplasm figure with a face screaming.

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