About Risk AZ ART

RISK AZ ART…truly a redundancy, putting RISK next to AZART. Why? With this explanation, maybe you’ll understand and be tempted to take a look. AZART is not a word used anymore, but in history, it surfaced among the Moors, to whom AZHAR meant risking instant loss in a gamble. As years passed, AZART developed around the globe into words such as: FATE, CHANCE, OPPORTUNITY, VENTURE, DANGER, and also… RISK.

RISK AZ ART Magazine? The word “magazine” implies varied contents, and we hope that’s what you find. We invite writers, readers, and artists to enter this forum of RISK. Explore the ART of words, and experience words from ART. ART from A to Z. Pure entertainment. Maybe… with a bit of passion.

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