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Graphic Novel Scripting

Graphic & Ghost Blog by Dennis Webster.

Writing a graphic novel or comic book is very different than writing fiction stories. In a short story or long fiction novel, the author is able to fully describe the settings, the background of the characters. They’re putting the meat on the skeleton. When you write a graphic novel it’s similar to writing a movie or television script, you leave the details to the artist or director. The next time you’re in Barnes & Noble, go to the graphic novel section and take a random story off the shelf and look at the number of panels on a page. If you write for this medium you need to decide how many panels you’ll have on each page. It’s like doing a storyboard in your mind. Then, you must resist blasting a ton of exposition or dialogue as fans of the graphic novel don’t like tons of words. I know, that sounds crazy for a writer but you can get your concept across in small details you can give the artist drawing the panels. I would encourage any writer to give it a try in scripting a graphic novel. You can find examples of graphic novel script writing on line. Go for it! You’ll challenge your writing muscles and who knows, you might just find a new writing love!

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Current and Future Events

I’m attending the Mystery Writer of America launch party for their new anthology, Vengeance edited by Lee Child, at Mysterious Bookshop in NYC on Tuesday, April 24.

I am also attending Edgar Awards Ceremonies on April 26, again in New York City.

Crime Square anthology, is coming in June. As mentioned on the writings page, it’s edited by Robert J. Randisi and includes a story by me!

Adirondack MysteriesAdirondack Mysteries II , edited by Dennis Webster, is also mentioned on our writings page and due out in June.

Look for me at the
Thriller WritersThrillerFest VII‘, New York City, July 11-14.

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